My Story

Grady: Geoff Wilson - Singer Songwriter Guitarist who formed Grady and The Willow Tree with Producer Wayne Connolly to record at the legendary Albert Studios ... one of the last album recordings in the old Neutral Bay Studios.  After a hiatus from the world of Australian Music, Grady has returned to his roots and taken charge of his own destiny.  An ex Doppelgangers and Jettison Vox band member, he has brought a maturity and sense of timelessness to his songwriting. The idea that music sits with an age group is outdated and irrelevant. Grady is a catalyst for music to capture an age when a song created a sense of timeless familiarity, that takes you to a place that evokes harmony in your life.  With the evolution of age the spirit burns brightly channeling a rich tapestry of genres that captures moments in time.  Grady embodies this mantra and endeavours to revive this sense of authenticity in its music and creative process to celebrate music and the song.  Grady's art is integral to his music - it is an organic expression of his love for the visual world.  He aims to capture the emotive nature of his songs through the colour and movement of his art which is always fluid and uplifting.
The Willow Tree: a collective family of musicians famous in their own right - assembled with the guidance of four times aria award winning music producer Wayne Connelly.  A group who have all traveled their own paths, yet have now come together for the album as a group of unique characters.

Producer: (Bass and Rhythm Guitars) Wayne Connolly - Aria winning producer - also of 'Knievel' and 'Welcome Mat'
Guitar: Ashley Naylor - "Nashi" - Australian guitarist and collaborator with artists 'Paul Kelly' and 'Dan Sultan' and famous in his own Melbourne-based band, Even, in addition to regular TV appearances in house bands 'Rockquiz' and 'Countdown'.
Drums: Peter Luscombe - "Luscious" - Australian drummer for 'Paul Kelly' and 'Rockquiz'.
Bass Guitar: Steve Kilbey - "Cardinal Sins" - 'The Church', Steve continues to evolve through his craft as a vocalist, songwriter, poet, artist, actor, writer and guitarist bringing all his talents together.
Keyboards: Cameron Bruce - "Mr Tinkles" - Paul Kelly, Washington, Club Luna Band.
Also featured are: Vocals - Lana Sayah and Drums - Tim Powles 'The Church'